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Library for reading, creating and rasterizing PDF from VB, ASP, Delphi, VC++
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27 July 2011

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most widely known and universally recognized format for presenting textual content in a document. Documents in this format are largely used for exporting information to the external users. Whenever you download a document or e-book from a website, it is most likely to be in PDF form as the quality and layout of the text and images don’t get affected by different versions of the reader as is often seen in other word processing applications. Apart from this, the document can be secured with a number of protections so that even your copyrighted content is safe from being printed. When you often create or work with different PDFs, you require flexibility in creating, merging and reading the documents, for which you can use PDF Creator Pilot v.4.3.3256.

PDF Creator Pilot is a shareware program for creating and manipulating the PDF files according to your requirements. The program has an interactive graphical interface which makes your working with files even easier. The powerful application is equipped with unique and extended set of features and methods which makes creation of PDF documents, even easier for you than the conventional methods. If you already have a document in PDF format, you can read it, merge it with another document of same format, add some content to it or delete pages. You can use or embed a variety of formats like Open Type, True Type Collection, True Type, Type 1 etc and can read and create document by using Russian, Turkish, Baltic, European, Korean, Japanese, Greek and other character sets. It has a powerful Virtual Device Context feature with which you can draw in your PDF documents by using WinAPI functions, and integrate PDF creating utilities in your applications.

PDF Creator Pilot v.4.3.3256 is overall, a powerful application which makes the task of working with PDF documents, a simple exercise, leading it to score four points on the scale of five.

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Library for reading, creating and rasterizing PDF from VB, ASP, Delphi, VC++
PDF Creator Pilot
PDF Creator Pilot
Version 4.3
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